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We pledge that the best price and delivery time for Vietnam market.

- Along with vietnam industrial development of Vietnam, automation is main assential for that development and pneumatic is important contribution of progress.
- In Vietnam, for those customers have inquiry for pneumatics, they are up set with hundred of brand, quality...orignal, service, as we know customer's need we lauch website to serve customer better interm of valve, cylinder, design to supply part and equipment.
- SMC pneumatic is well-known brand in the world from Japan, have biggest market share in the world.
-We pledge that the best price and the best delivery time in Vietnam.
- Our objective : "Our solution, your benifit".        



We announced the new air slide table, MXQ series in SMC News 2012-062. At this time, we would like to inform you of the addition of the single-side piping and height interchangeable types
We would like to inform you of the market release of the "resin body, aluminum body, SUS body, class H coil and N.O. type for the pilot operated 2 port solenoid valve, New VXD series in addition to SMC News 2012-071.
We would like to inform you that the shape of the hard lock nut will be changed for the air shocker, XT316 series.
We already informed you that the existing VF series would be refreshed and discontinued by the end of November 2009 in SMC News 2009-180, but have continued to supply it because of remaining stock.
We would like to inform you that the SMC logo on the end plate for the 5 port solenoid valve, VQZ series will be changed.
We would like to inform you that the SMC registered trademark has been added on the float switch, IS4*0 series and the flow switch, IFW5 series.