5-Port Solenoid Valve, Plug-In, SY3000/5000/7000 Series, Single Unit / Sub-Plate Type – Van Điện Từ SMC

Product Description

– Van Điện Từ SMC

Solenoid valve equipped with a 4-position, dual 3-port valve.
· Protective enclosure conforms to IP67 standard.
· M12 waterproof connector type for easy attachment, detachment and wiring.
· Supports side, top and bottom piping. (Ports 4A, 2B)
· Power consumption has been reduced to 1/3rd of standards by decreasing wasted holding power.
· Prevents actuator and air-operated valve malfunctions caused by exhaust from other valves.
· Includes mechanism for 3-position closed center valve residual pressure release.
· Individual replacement of solenoid valves is possible without cutting off main pressure.