Refrigerated Air Dryer Standard Temperature Air Inlet, IDF□E Series

Product Description

Refrigerated air dryer with improved corrosion resistance due to the use of a stainless-steel heat exchanger.
· Protects pneumatic equipment from moisture.
· Removes the vapor from the moist compressed air delivered by the compressor, and prevents it from causing the pneumatic equipment to fail.
· Air flow capacity increased up to 40%.
· Power consumption reduced up to 40%.
· Energy-saving design.
· Exhaust heat reduced by 25%, controlling increases in ambient temperature (air-cooled specification) and reducing heat discharging water amount (water-cooled specification).
· Inlet air temperature: 35°C (22E, 37E) / 40°C (55E, 75E).
· Outlet air pressure dew point: 10°C.