Low Profile Air Gripper MHF2 Series – Xi Lanh Kẹp SMC

Product Description

– Xi Lanh Kẹp SMC

· Low profile: Height is approximately 1/3 smaller (compared to product with equivalent gripping force from the MHZ2 Series).
· Contributes to device space saving measures.
· Reduces bending moments.
· Operates smoothly, providing improved accuracy.
· The stroke length can be selected.
& nbsp3 standard stroke lengths (short, middle and length) are available for each bore size.
& nbspYou can select the optimal stroke for each workpiece.
· Improved mounting repeatability.
· Piping from either direction.
· Easy positioning for mounting attachments.
· Wiring and piping can be centralized.
· High degree of mounting flexibility.
& nbspBracket not required.
& nbspCan help keep mounting height to a minimum.
· A compact design in which a large amount of gripping force is provided through the use of a double piston mechanism.