Rechargeable Battery Compatible Booster Valve 25A-VBA Series

Product Description

· In order to reduce product defects in the manufacturing process of rechargeable batteries, materials containing copper (cu) and zinc (zn) as main components are not used.
*Some aluminum alloys and die-cast aluminum materials contain small amounts of copper (cu) and zinc (zn) as additive elements.
· Neither electrolytic nickel plating with copper base or zinc plating is used.
*Electroless nickel plating is used.
· The use of low dew point compatible grease allows it to operate at -70°C. Performance under low dew point environments has been improved.

* Pressure gauge installation: G43-10-01-X300 / G46-SRB pressure gauges cannot be mounted to
the booster valve (25A-VBA10A) as they will interfere with the handle of the booster valve, or interfere each other with the booster valve 25A-VBA20A/40A.
To install, use piping materials to avoid any interference among products.