Power Valve: Precision Regulator VEX1□3 Series

Product Description

A precision regulator from SMC.
· A high precision, large capacity relief regulator.
· A poppet-type, 3-port, large exhaust capacity regulator valve with nozzle flapper mechanism. Available as an air-operated or manual handle type.
· Excellent pressure setting precision. Having a relief capacity equivalent to the supply capacity allows the regulator to respond quickly and set a precise secondary (outlet) pressure, even when the secondary (outlet) volume and the pressure fluctuations are large.
· High precision.
· Minimizes pressure fluctuations with its large-volume supply and exhaust capabilities, making it well suited to balancer applications. In addition it features high precision F.S. (full span) sensitivity within 0.2% and F.S. repeatability of within ±0.5%.
· Manifold capable. VVEXB: 1/8 – up to 10 stations, VVEX2: 1/4 – up to 8 stations
· Series with large product lineup. Port diameters available from M5 to 2 inches, ensuring that most flow rates and pipes can be accommodated.
· Minimum size.
· Non-grease specification.
· Available with sealing materials of NBR or FKM.