Compact Guide Cylinder, Compatible With Rechargeable Battery 90-/91-MGP Series– Xi Lanh Khí Nén SMC

Product Description

– Xi Lanh Khí Nén SMC

[Rechargeable Battery Compatible Series]
Products that can be used in all environments of the rechargeable battery manufacturing process will be prepared to contribute to improving productivity and reducing defects

[90-Series, restricts the materials used]
・ It prevents mixing of different materials by the restriction of materials
(Copper-based metal, zinc, nickel, nickel plating, zinc chromate)
・ Mounting dimensions are the same as the standard series

[91-Series, material restriction + lubrication retention function (Lubretainer)]
・ The lifespan has been improved compared to the standard specifications by adding a lubricant holding function. In addition, it is now possible to deal with low dew points up to -40°C
・ Mounting dimensions are not compatible with 90-Series