Bulkhead Union KQ2E (Interchangeable With KJ), One-Touch Fitting KQ2 Series

Product Description

One-touch fitting used to connect tubing through a panel, etc.
· Compact, lightweight type with improved tube insertion and removal.
· Suitable for use with nylon and urethane. The chuck provides secure retention and the collet increases the holding force on the tube.
· Can be used for a wide range of pressures from a low vacuum up to a pressure of 1 MPa.
· The use of a special profile ensures sealing and reduces resistance when the tube is inserted.
· Piping workability can be improved by changing to a face seal structure.
· When the fitting is removed from the tube, the chuck and collet are released, thus preventing them from biting into the tube excessively.
Use to connect two pieces of tubing through a panel, etc.