ATEX Directive, Rotary Actuator, Vane Type 56-CRB2 Series, ATEX Category 3

Product Description

[What is the ATEX directive?]
Since July 1, 2003, it has been mandatory within the EU to comply with the ATEX Directive for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
■CE mark and ATEX
The ATEX Directive is now part of the CE mark, which incorporates the conventional European explosion-proof standard.
■Purpose of ATEX Directive
The main purposes of ATEX are:
・ Prevention of static charge
・ Ignition prevention of sparks caused by friction, impact, and wear
・ Ignition prevention due to temperature rise due to the same as above
・ The responsibility lies with the manufacturer
・ Certification by zone/category
■Zone / category division
In ATEX, the objects to be applied are classified into categories according to the category of dangerous places (zone).
・ Zone 0: Category 1
Probability of explosive atmosphere (Zone): Continuous or long time > 1,000 hours/year
・ Zone 1: Category 2
Probability of explosive atmosphere (Zone): Occasionally 10 to 1,000 hours/year
・ Zone 2: Category 3
Probability of explosive atmosphere (Zone): Less likely, short time < 10 hours/year