Air Combination, Air Filter + Regulator + Lubricator, AC10-A to AC40-A

Product Description

SMC modular-type F.R.L. combination unit.
· Uses a transparent bowl guard.
· A transparent bowl guard with improved environmental resistance that provides all-round protection.
· The manufacturer has removed the window from the bowl guard and instead covered the entire internal bowl with a polycarbonate transparent bowl guard.
· Now, even if the environment changes and the bowl is exposed to corrosive chemicals or oil, the foreign matter will not stick directly to the pressurized bowl. This can help reduce the risk of the bowl breaking.
· Superior visibility: 360°
· The use of the transparent bowl guard allows you to check the status of the drain inside the filter bowl and to check the amount of residual oil in the lubricator from any angle.
· Weight reduction: reduced by up to 90 g
· Without corrosion. The use of a resin body ensures there is no rusting.